About Us

"Sometimes it's the smallest things that take up the most space in your heart." (Pooh Bear)

Let there be Teddy light! Everyone loves teddy bears, I'm sure you do too! They make eyes shine and give children a feeling of security and cozy security. It is no coincidence that the teddy is THE most popular cuddly toy.

We took this as an opportunity to create a unique teddy night light . Not only the loving form contributes to the uniqueness. You can customize this night light with a color and name of your choice. It is therefore a perfect gift idea with a personal touch that will make the recipient's eyes shine in every respect. By the way, not only children are happy about this teddy night light . Moms, wives and (best) friends also appreciate the detailed design, which brings back childhood memories to life.

You also have the option of requesting custom-made products. Do you have an idea in mind? Just write to us at kontakt@teddylicht.de and we'll see what implementation of an extraordinary gift idea is possible. We will get back to you as soon as possible!