10 reasons why a personalized teddy night is the perfect spontaneous gift

  1. It is unique: through personalization with names and stars, it becomes a very special and unique gift.

  2. It helps to fall asleep: A night light can help that children are better to fall asleep and be calmed down.

  3. It is child -friendly: the Teddy Bär Form is particularly appealing for children and the light is eye -friendly.

    teddy light night light gift idea personalized

  4. It is comfortable: the night light is operated with batteries so that it is easy and easy to use.

  5. It has a great color selection: it is available in the colors blue, white and pink and can change the light color.

  6. It is compact: with a size of only 13cm it is space -saving and easy to transport.

  7. It is an emotional gift: personalized gifts touch the heart and show that you have taken time and thoughts.

  8. It is suitable for all ages: it is suitable for children of all ages and also for adults as decorative light.

    teddy light night light personalized pink blue white

  9. It is easy to personalize: personalization is quick and easy, so you can also give a great gift at short notice.

  10. It is a great price-performance ratio: the Teddy Nachlicht offers an excellent price-performance ratio and is a great gift for a low price.

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